PRe-Employment evaluation


Receive superior training that sets you up for a successful career.

Melton is one of the best trucking companies offering driving jobs for recent CDL graduates. We welcome recent CDL school graduates and drivers that have not had any over-the-road driving experience. We know that you are the future of our company so we insist on providing quality training.

Most entry-level drivers will be a part of our 8 day pre-employment evaluation, where we will cover our culture, safety standards, load securement, and tarping best practices. If you need any additional help during the class, we can provide additional one-on-one training. We want to give you the tools you need to be successful.

Unlike other training courses in the industry, we seek to provide our new drivers with every tool they need in order to perform their job successfully. Our rotational training allows for a low student to instructor ratio, which means one-on-one training is very common throughout the program.

Big thanks to my trainer, Sam. You taught me a lot and were always there when I needed you through the first few months. I definitely didn’t realize how many more questions I would have after training, but you were always there when I called, and I’ll be forever grateful for that!

Corey, Melton Driver

In the beginning, I never thought I would drive flatbed, but Melton showed me why I should. Between my recruiter, Cynthia, my training class, and my awesome road trainer, Gary, it became the wisest choice. Melton was the way to go for trucking.

Anonymous Melton Driver

I am having a great experience in a field I have always wanted to join. The training so far has been excellent, and I have heard nothing but great things about Melton and look forward to the experience.

Anonymous Melton Driver

What to Expect During Our Pre-Employment Course

Melton trainee during securement training

STEP 1: Attend Melton’s Pre-Employment Evaluation

Drivers will first take part in our 8-day pre-employment course, where we will cover our culture, safety standards, load securement, and tarping best practices.

Melton driver with a thumbs up outside of the truck window

STEP 2: Take Your Road Test

Upon completing the training process, you should have all the knowledge and skills you need to pass your driving test.

Driver trainer and trainee posing for a selfie in front of a Melton truck

STEP 3: Training over the road

As part of our training process, all entry-level drivers will go out for approximately three weeks with a Road Trainer that is matched based on their personality to experience OTR driving. If you are an experienced driver, you may not be required to ride with a road trainer depending on your OTR experience.


You will be paid a per-diem during this time, and once you are ready to get on your own flatbed truck, you will start receiving pay by the mile.

Melton driver celebrating in front of a Melton truck

STEP 4: Get the Keys to Your Truck

Receive the keys to your truck and hit the road to start your new OTR adventure as a solo company driver! You can continue to communicate with your trainer for advice or support, or contact our 24/7 support if you need help.

Hands-On securement and Tarping

Like many flatbed companies, Melton hauls a variety of freight from numerous customers, which means the knowledge a driver needs of securement techniques is both vast and critical.

At Melton, we have numerous types of freight for drivers to practice securing, with over 20 hours of scheduled, hands-on securement and tarping time. We’re always working to improve our training program, and we’ve found this length and level of instruction has led to significant decreases in accidents amongst new drivers and has increased their overall productivity, and pay, with Melton. Drivers will learn the various techniques when securing a load such as alternating straps, multilayer securement, protection against directional forces, X-strap placements, protecting the commodity, and more. Furthermore, students will learn how to properly use the tools they’re given such as straps, binders, chains, bungees, edge protectors, and more.

Lastly, our pre-employment course also includes hands-on experience tarping loads. Tarping certainly takes practice and skill, and we teach drivers early how to perfect this art.

Application Process

Melton aims to remain ahead of the competition with top pay and benefits, free on-site clinics and dentists, driver help desk, safety and referral bonuses, rider and pet programs, and much more.

  1. Apply online or call to speak with a recruiter.
  2. You will complete an over the phone interview with your recruiter where we will collect work history, safety, and background information.
  3. Your recruiter will forward your application to a processor who will check your references and reports.
  4. Your application will be sent back to your recruiter so you can complete a final interview to make sure that we have everything correct on your application.
  5. Once your application is reviewed and approved by our hiring board, we will schedule your transportation to our pre-employment evaluation in Tulsa, OK.

Melton’s Online Application Process – Watch Here!