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The top 50% of Melton drivers earned an average of $98k/year in 2022.

“I’ve worked for 5 different flatbed companies and Melton is by far the best. We have better medical benefits, great pay, and the $100 tarp pay is great. There may be other companies out there that pays that much for tarping, but I haven’t heard of them. I’ve talked to a lot of Melton drivers and all the drivers I talk to are very happy about the $100 tarp pay.”

– Bobby, Melton Driver & Road Trainer


Complete medical coverage, a generous 401k program, and more.

“I am mindful of retirement; I want a 401K and not all companies offer that. That was something that drew me to Melton. Coming to Melton was a family decision and, everything I have seen about Melton, is this is a family company.”

– Brady, Melton Driver


The average age of our fleet is less than two years old.

“I appreciate the fact that Melton really focuses on truck appearance and maintenance. Melton showcases uniformity and they want us to keep our trucks clean. Plus, they don’t hold back when it comes to maintenance issues; they get issues taken care of ASAP.”

– Steve, Ambassador of the Road


Drivers have options and flexibility with their home time.

“I’ve been with Melton for 22 years. Melton’s owner, Bob, and all of the staff not only listens to drivers’ concerns, but also takes care of them. Here, you’re not just a number, you’re a face with a name. The company has tremendous respect for us and our families. Spouses are just as much a part of Melton as everyone else. They know that a happy driver is more successful.”

– Alton, Senior Ambassador of the Road


We will give you the tools needed to be successful during our pre-hire evaluation.

“I came to Melton because I believe in their training program. I am thankful to my trainer because he taught me valuable skills while I was over the road with him. He also showed me that I can have a bright future here.”

– Eugene, Melton Driver


Melton’s culture places drivers front and center and amplifies their voices.

“Everyone has always made it a point to know me personally. Their terminals are like home and the people there make you feel so welcome.”

– Donnie, Melton Blue Knight & Road Trainer


Melton is one of the nation’s leading flatbed trucking companies with a large and growing fleet of modern, safe, and well-maintained equipment running the lower 48 US states, Canada, and Mexico. In the last 70 years and with over 5,000 satisfied shippers, Melton has built a reputation of excellence and stability in the trucking industry.

As a businessman and over-the-road driver Melton’s Chairman & CEO, Bob Peterson, has a unique perspective regarding what drivers need to make their OTR career and home life successful. Using his experience as a driver, Bob leads Melton a driver-first manner and provides them with a stable career and an experience they deserve.

Link to a video about Melton Truck Lines and what we do.

About Melton Truck Lines


We are constantly looking for new ways to upgrade our driver’s experience on the road and consistently survey drivers on what we can improve. We aim to hire the best truckers by offering top pay and benefits, tuition reimbursement programs, free on-site clinics and dentists, 24/7 driver help desk, rider and pet programs, and much more.

If you’re interested in the challenge of being a flatbedder but don’t have any experience, no worries! We have invested time, talent, and resources to develop superior entry level driver training. Along with our comprehensive pre-hire course, our trainers have extensive OTR and Melton driving experience to deliver necessary, thorough hands-on instruction.


If you’re seeking a company that continuosly works for you and supports you and your family, Melton is the place for you.

Pay Scale Based on Melton Miles Pay Per Mile
0-5 Months

52 CPM

6-11 Months 53 CPM
1-3 Years 58 CPM
3+ Years 60 CPM
After 120,000 Melton Miles 60 CPM
After 360,000 Melton Miles 62 CPM
After 600,000 Melton Miles 63 CPM
After 900,0000 Melton Miles 64 CPM
After 1,200,000 Melton Miles 65 CPM