While our driving careers provide a fulfilling and financially rewarding path, Melton has also developed several programs for drivers looking to expand their career, skills, and compensation.

Melton social media influencer sitting next to a trainee in his truck


Interested in sharing your Melton experience through social media videos? We have an option for that! Our Influencers earn extra for meeting monthly minimum requirements, bonuses based on engagement, and have a huge opportunity to earn referral bonuses through online hires. Use the hashtag #meltonlife to view some examples on TikTok and YouTube!


Help recruit the future of Melton through driver referrals, contest participation, and more. Drivers can earn thousands of dollars extra per year in referral bonuses from this program!

Photo of a Melton Road Dawg posing with CDL students


Visit your CDL school, or any CDL school if approved, to recruit entry level drivers to Melton. Like our Road Recruiters option, this is a great opportunity to help build the future of Melton and earn referral bonuses.

Melton road trainer posing next to a trainee outside of the truck


This elite group of Melton drivers shape the knowledge and experience of our entry level driving fleet. Their industry expertise is incredible, and they truly care about shaping the future of Melton. Trainers undergo extensive training, screening, and must be with Melton for at least 12 months. Drivers also earn additional pay as Road Trainers.

Two Melton employees talking at a table


Our Mentors are an invaluable resource to drivers with all levels of experience. They are available to assist with any question you may have about the job whether it be a load securement question or even advise needed in adjusting to the OTR lifestyle. They are here to help!