Frequently Asked Questions

about melton:

where is melton located?

We are based out of Tulsa, OK, but have terminals in Birmingham, AL, Masury, OH, Laredo, TX, and El Paso, TX.

where does melton run?

We are a 48 state and Canada flatbed irregular route carrier.

can i bring my pet with me on the truck?

Yes, we have a pet policy at Melton and numerous drivers take advantage of this great program. We allow one dog or cat under 90 lbs.

do you allow a spouse or family member to join me on the truck?

Yes, we do have a rider pass program available to drivers. Bring your spouse with you or even your kid on a cool summer vacation experience!

Pre-Hire Evaluation:

What experience do I need to drive for Melton?

I do not have my Class A CDL but would like to earn my license. Can Melton help me obtain my CDL?

Melton does not currently offer a nationwide option to earn your CDL; however, we do have a Sponsorship option to those living in Oklahoma and Texas. Also, for those living outside of these areas, we recommend finding a school on our CDL schools page. These are some of the top schools in the nation and all exceed the 160+ hours Melton requires.

How long is the training?

Our pre-employment evaluation process is 8 days. Please see our training page for more information.

What can I expect during Pre-Hire evaluation?

Our pre-hire evaluation program consists of a road test, classroom learning, and plenty of hands-on training including extensive load securement training and one-on-one instruction.

Will I be paid during the pre-Hire evaluation?

Yes, drivers who successfully complete our pre-hire evaluation will be compensated for their time. Student/entry level drivers receive a total of $800 and experienced drivers receive a total of $1,000 upon completion of the program. If you voluntarily leave or do not successfully complete the pre-employment evaluation, you will not receive any pay. You will also receive $100/day if you go out with a trainer. Melton will provide lodging and lunches throughout your 8 day evaluation period.


can I choose which loads I take?

what are the average miles i can expect to run per week?

Our fleet averages 2,200 to 2,500 miles per week.

what is your out time?

Our average out time is 12-14 days, however, depending on where you live you may be out longer. Please see our home time page for more information.

what is the average length of the haul?

Our average length of haul is around 1000 miles.

How often do drivers travel to Canada?

We travel to Canada approximately 3% of the time. Traveling to Canada is optional and is only possible if you have a passport or passcard, but we pay an extra 6 cpm for these loads.

How often do you travel to New York City?

We travel to NYC approximately 3% of the time. We do pay $75 borough pay if you have to go in to NYC.


What kind of trucks do you have?

what types of trailers do you have?

We have 48’ and 53’ spread axle flatbed trailers and 53’ stepdeck trailers.

benefits & health coverage:

when do my benefits start?

does melton offer paid vacation?

All drivers will receive 1 week paid vacation after 1 year, 2 weeks after 2 years, and 3 weeks after 10 years. The pay for vacation is the average of the driver over the course of a year.

can i have a rider or pet on the truck with me?

Yes! Melton has a liberal rider and pet program. You can have one rider year round if they’re 18+ years old or you can have your child ride with you as long as they are 10+ years old during the summer months. You can also bring your cat or dog under 90 lbs with you as well.


how can i get my paycheck?

how often will i be paid?

Pay for drivers is every Friday.

how will you determine my pay?

Pay is based on previous driving experience and raises are based on productivity and OTR experience.


Contact Recruiting 7 Days a Week

Contact our Recruiting Team any time! If you call after hours, we will return your call the next day.