Melton Flatbed Truck Driver Base Pay

Attention, Drivers, Melton Has Doubled Our Tarp Pay to $100 Per Load. This Adds Over $10,000 to Driver Pay Annually. Limited Time Only - $5,000 Supplemental Pay - call 888-336-0437 now for details.

Melton's Base Pay Scale

At Melton, your starting pay is based on your verifiable over the road (OTR) experience.

Melton is excited to announce our largest driver pay increase ever + limited time $5,000 Supplemental Pay for ALL drivers! Please reference the table below for the new driver pay changes

Once you become a part of the Melton Truck Lines team, you will receive raises based on your accumulated months of OTR experience until you drive 120,000 miles with Melton. At that point, you will continue to receive raises based on the Melton miles you drive.

Our average driver made $65,000 - $70,000 based on experience and our top driver driver made over $100,000 in 2020! Our base pay scale is below:

Driver's Experience Level Pay Per Mile
0 - 2 months 47 cpm
3-5 months (4 months local) 48 cpm
6-8 months 49 cpm
9-11 months 50 cpm
1-3 Years 56 cpm
3+ Years 58 cpm
After 120,000 Melton Miles 58 cpm
After 360,000 Melton Miles 59 cpm
After 600,000 Melton Miles 60 cpm
After 900,000 Melton Miles 62 cpm
After 1,200,000 Melton Miles 63 cpm