Melton Truck Lines Rehires

Melton Truck Lines just raised pay for our current drivers and we want to give you a raise too! Check out our updated pay scale below to see what you’d be making based on the experience you’ve had since leaving Melton.

Pay Scale Based On OTR Experience CPM
0-5 Months OTR Driving Experience 52 cpm
6-11 Months OTR Driving Experience 53 cpm
1-3 Years OTR Driving Experience 58 cpm
3+ Years OTR Experience 60 cpm

All your Melton miles will still count toward your pay when you return. As soon as you hit 120k Melton Miles, you will qualify for the pay below:

Pay Scale Based on Melton Miles CPM
120,000 Melton Miles 60 cpm
360,000 Melton Miles 62 cpm
600,000 Melton Miles 63 cpm
900,000 Melton Miles 64 cpm
1.2 Million Melton Miles 65 cpm

In addition, Melton has upgraded several other pieces of our pay that you are eligible for including:

  • Tarp Pay $100
  • Up to $1,200 On The Job Training Pay
  • $25 Repower Pay for both drivers involved in the repower
  • Ask about our new Per Diem Program that can increase your take home pay by $2,500-$6,000 annually.

We have also updated our home time policy recently so you can have unlimited home domicile changes in most cases and are adding new trucks to the fleet!

If you’d like to get back on the road with Melton give us a call today at 888-997-0348