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Melton Flatbed Truck Driver PRIDE Program

We are pleased to announce a new pay for performance program “PRIDE” that will offer the opportunity to earn over 5 cpm quarterly. Our “PRIDE” performance program offers the opportunity to earn over 5 cpm quarterly.

PRIDE: Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence

This generous bonus will pay for superior performance in the Driver Scorecard areas including:

  1. Safety Performance – CSA, safe, violation and accident free driving, plus Monthly Safety Training completion, and MAC (Melton Advanced Credentials) – Passport Card, Hazmat, Tanker, and/or TWIC
  2. Operational Performance - Productivity and on-time delivery
  3. Fuel Performance and Expert Fuel Compliance
  4. Shop Compliance – completing A and B services on time

In addition to the PRIDE Performance Payout, the Driver Scorecard performance determines Driver and Rookie of the Month and the Year, Top 100, Elite Fleet, and Profit Sharing Bonuses for Blue Knights+ and Ambassadors. We hope to be able to celebrate top drivers often, so keep focusing on quality performance in all areas.

See below for how you achieve and lose points based on your performance. Those points translate into money every quarter.

PRIDE performance qualification chart.

The highest performing drivers can make up to $5400 per year. It is estimated that the top 25% of the fleet will receive a healthy quarterly bonus, however, everyone qualifies. We will be happy to pay these bonuses because it will tell us (and you), that our fleet is performing exceptionally safe and productively. As always, drivers must be actively employed at time of payout for any bonus.

Your Driver Score Card System

The driver score card (DSC) was implemented so drivers can review and measure their overall performance in MPG, Safety, Operations and the Shop. This tool is also useful to set personal goals, and audit their Operations, CSA, and internal Safety records at Melton Truck Lines. Each of the criteria is assigned a point value for positive performance like attending safety meetings or getting more credentials, and/or negative performance like receiving tickets or having unexcused late loads.