Melton Flatbed Truck Driver Bonus Pay

Attention, Drivers, Melton Has Doubled Our Tarp Pay to $100 Per Load. This Adds Over $10,000 to Driver Pay Annually.Call 888-336-0437 now for details.

Bonus Opportunities

Melton offers many ways for our flatbed drivers to get additional pay. These additional pay opportunities place Melton’s pay and benefits package in the top 10% among North American for-hire trucking companies.

Bonus Pay Opportunities Pay
Tuition Reimbursement (Recent Graduates) $10,000
Driver Referral Bonuses $750 - $1,000

Tuition Reimbursement - Now up to $10K

Recent CDL school graduates with 4 or less months of OTR can qualify for Melton’s tuition reimbursement program. Our plan will pay $150 every month up to $10,000! The first payout will follow your 30 day Melton anniversary.

If the driver paid less than $10,000 pursuing their CDL the payout will stop at the amount they paid.

Driver Referral Bonus

If you refer a driver and they are hired with Melton, you will receive the payouts below as long as you are still an active driver.

Driver Type Total 30 Days After Hire 6 Months After Hire
Experienced Drivers $1,000 $500 $500
Recent Grads/No Experience $750 $375 $375
Rehires $500 $250 $250

For additional information on how to refer a driver or to keep up with the latest contests please visit here.